Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Community Board One: Vinny's Way


Anonymous said...

You captured the events of the night pretty well, but you failed to get across just how nasty and out of line some members of the "broady triangle community coalition" really were. Many people, like myself, were actually there to hear DCP and DOT present their plans, and I couldn't hear a single word. There is a way to protest respectfully and then there was last night. Unfortunately for this coalition, their tactics made them look ridiculous and rude.

Anonymous said...

Great post.

Here's my question though: Was Garden Acosta, in his tribute speech to Abate, scolding the BTCC people for their rowdiness? Or was he saying something like, "It's unfortunate that these people HAD to be so rowdy because of the injustice being perpetrated?"

Also, I love the photo at the end. It captures so much.