Monday, June 8, 2009

Abatement of debts and legacies
"Vinny, it's been a good run."

Okay, there has been a sh#t-ton of news going on in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, (and... um.... Albany) over the past twenty-four hours. From the State Senate coup to preparations for the first day of petitioning, to rounding up lots of arts events throughout Brooklyn, I've had my hands full. I'll have some more information about the change in power and the first week of petitioning as information begins to leak out.

Meanwhile, there's a very important meeting tomorrow, when Community Board One will select a new Chair for the first time in nearly thirty years. Two candidates, Mieszko Kalita and Chris Olechowski, are on the ballot. Many sources believe Chris will likely win but I am hearing Mieszko has 21 votes locked up. It's going to be close and it's going to be a long night, with many supporters from the Broadway Triangle Community Coalition and a large group of transportation advocates showing up for two public session items on the Broadway Triangle rezoning and the Kent Avenue Bike Lane plan. I'll bring the black and white smoke. Who's bringing the beer?

Finally, we will announce the winner of the Male North Brooklyn Reporter Beauty Pageant later that night, so vote for me, Moses Gates, Ben Muessig, Greg Hanlon, Reid Pillifant or Jeff Mann in the comments section before the end of the meeting.


Anonymous said...

you're gonna get whacked for that pic.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were doing a live blog. Man, we seriously nned some comic relief just about now (8:50).

Moses Gates said...

Wait, I was up for this award? How many votes did I get?