Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teddy Peck crashes and burns (but casserole remains in tact)

You can't win 'em all. Even Mariano Rivera has a hiccup or two. Still, Five-time cooking contest champion and perennial pork all-star Teddy Peck did not win Emily Farris' Casserole Crazy competition last night. For shame. Here are the winners...

First Place: A team with no name composed of Nick Suarez and Mark Kupasrimonkol for their duck confit combo made with “lots of duck fat” (pictured below)

Second Place:The Hambones: Lia Koo and Stephan Ziff for their “spicy dish with fresh salad in the middle”Third Place:Team “Close” whose sole member Randi Greenberg made a deliciously cheesy Haddash Haddock
Honorable Mention: Last year’s champion Theo Peck, along with teammate Ingrid Redman, returned to reclaim his title with an undeniably tasty Fried Chicken Dinner but didn’t place because the dish lacked a binding ingredient.
No binding ingredient? Yeesh. It still tasted pretty damn good, in this reporter's unbiased opinion. Peck's ERA? 0.87. Next time, buddy.

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Anonymous said...

Ted's Kentucky Fried Casserole was delish!