Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Links: Bring Out Your Dead!

It was a quiet, dreary, rainy miserable weekend, punctuated by Deputy Inspector Fulton getting stuck in a jungle gym, Schoolfest 2009 and the City Planning Commission hearing (they voted Yes on Kingsbridge Armory and The Broadway Triangle). At least Linderman had a good time. She interviewed Paul Auster, bottom right.

Speaking of which, Paul Auster is depressing. I just started reading In The Country of Last Things. That did not lift up my spirits this weekend.

"You drag yourself from sleep each morning to face something that is always worse than what you found the day before, but by talking of the world that existed before you went to sleep, you can delude yourself into thinking that the present day is simply an apparition, no more or less real than the memories of all the other days you carry around inside you.”

Yikes. Anybody know where I can pick up a copy of InStyle in the neighborhood? Reid, Hanlon, you guys read that magazine, right?

(The photo is a little blurry, but Fulton was in there a good twenty seconds)

Not that many links to check up on, except this one odd story about an NYU Journalism student and Williamsburg applying to be on food stamps. Moral of the story here. Go to Journalism school... end up on food stamps.

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