Thursday, October 8, 2009

Love and Marriage: Politics and the Triangle

Politics and Development. Development and Politics. It's like Love and Marriage here in Bushwick. Literally. Two articles for you to sift through this Thursday. Ben Muessig at the Brooklyn Paper looks at Marty Markowitz and Vito Lopez backing non-Democrats in the general election. An excerpt:

Meanwhile in Bushwick, Dems claim that Lopez’s feud with his one-time protégé Reyna over the city’s controversial, Lopez-backed plan to allow residential development in the so-called Broadway Triangle played a role in his decision to endorse Davila on the Working Families line.
“It’s not the way it should be,” said Democratic District Leader Alan Fleishman. “We had a Democratic primary [and] he ran a candidate against the councilmember. His candidate lost. Now we have a Democratic nominee. He’s the head of the Democratic Party. He should be supporting that nominee.”

Meanwhile, Matt Chaban, who has been tracking the Broadway Triangle for Architect's Newspaper, has a long piece on the ins and outs of the process to develop the stalled industrial site. The City Planning Commission is putting its decision out on the Broadway Triangle any day now (it should have been yesterday), and Council is expected to take up the rezoning in late October/ early November. Oh, and if a new plan from developer Read Property Group eventually goes through, add 947 apartments and townhouses in Bushwick near the Rheingold Gardens Apartments complex. Love and Marriage.

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