Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Bridge of Death

As of earlier this week, the Kosciuszko Bridge Project was humming along with little a care in the world, until Governor David Paterson dropped this message Tuesday afternoon...

Gov. Paterson Says State Can't Afford Kosciuszko Bridge Replacement Ch 2's Kate Sullivan reported at 5:36 am that plans to replace the Kosciuszko Bridge might be in trouble. Governor Paterson says there is not enough money to pay for it. He insists the State needs to bridge the budget gap first. The Department of Transportation says replacing the 70-year-old bridge with three parallel spans will cost $403 million. The Governor calls that unaffordable, but supporters of the project say it is too critical to be shrugged off because of its price tag.

There's a meeting in Long Island City tonight about the bridge design. I bet the agenda will shift somewhat. I wonder if they'll ask about those swallows.

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