Friday, October 9, 2009

The Short List: Open House Edition

mmmmmmm, eggs.... digester eggs

In case you're asking, yes, this is where that smell comes from. I've been going to meetings at the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (or as Ward Dennis' son calls it, "the poop factory") for the better part of two years but I've never been up inside those eggs. Now everyone can come. This weekend at Open House New York, the plant is one of several Brooklyn sites open for tours. I'm excited to visit said poop factory, as well as McCarren Park Pool's construction phase, the Barzel Iron Works blacksmith shop in Bushwick, and The City Reliquary. Not on the list this year? The Bushwick Democratic Club. Maybe in November?

Lots of things to do this week if architecture isn't your thing. Check out BushwickBK's weekly picks for all things Bushwick including two shows at English Kills, Nonsense 10's art exhibit and dance party at 3rd Ward and the comedic stylings of Brittain Ashford and Caitlin Steitzer.

As for the links... well... look for Monday. In fact, I may split this and do Monday links from now on to start your day, because, are you really looking at this blog, reading this at home, on a Friday night? We both know the answer to that. Monday links! Something to look forward to! Goodnight.

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Friday night 9pm , looking at Aaron's blog. People have iPhones and blackberry ..very easy to look at your stuff ..