Monday, October 5, 2009

Brett Favre: Packers :: __ is to __?

Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre is playing against his old team the Green Bay Packers tonight for Monday Night Football. Many sports bloggers and columnists have been calling him a traitor all season, and this got me thinking. What is the political equivalent to the move Favre made?

A.Consultant Harold Wolfson bolting from the Democrats (and Hillary-friend Anthony Weiner) to join Team Bloomberg.

B. Councilmember Diana Reyna divorcing from her former mentor, Vito Lopez, leading to Lopez to encourage a candiate to run against Reyna in a Democratic Primary?

C. Councilmember David Yassky and his quixotic Term Limits vote, which infuriated the city's good government groups.

D. Jeffrey Harmatz leaving the Brooklyn Star and going to work with Juliet Linderman at the Greenpoint Gazette (that's my vote).

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but despite the whole Favre controversy, I don't think of the Packers organization as having a history of underpaying and underappreciating their talent.

My vote is C., if only because Yassky waffled on term limits the same way Favre did his retirement.