Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Links: Into the Woods

After taking a brief respite into the woods of Massachusetts this weekend, The Short List is back with a look at five important stories that people should be talking about this week.

Crime: New Daily News reporter Mike McLaughlin reports about how crime is down but burglaries are up in the 90th and 83rd Precincts (that's Williamsburg and Bushwick).

Politics: New New York Observer reporter Reid Pillifant notes how the Kings County Democratic Party leader is encouraging Democrats (and everyone else) to vote on the Working Families Party line (Row E not Row A).

Food: While that Fresh Foods zoning text amendment gets debated in a City Council hearing this morning, BushwickBK's Diego Cupolo takes you through a Supermarket Sweep of some grocery stores in Bushwick you should be visiting.

Environment: The New York Times magazine's Andrew Rice looks at the possibilities for development along the Gowanus Canal. I want to know more about how the market's downturn will impact some of these projects, so expect more news on this angle soon.

Movies: Former Mayor Ed Koch. Reviews a movie. That takes place in Hasidic Williamsburg.

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