Thursday, October 15, 2009

EPA Public Comment Period extended

Let's take a break from the Custom Winery madness to talk about something slightly more important.... Superfund.

The EPA is extending its public comment period to December 23. I've written about the local reaction from community leaders and from political officials. Jeremy Walsh has the view from Long Island City for the Queens Courier. Riverkeeper supports the recommendation, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle has a nice overview. Juliet Linderman visits the Newtown Creek digester eggs, The Daily News has its wrap, and finally, Mayor Bloomberg visits the Gowanus and he brings $150 million with him.

There are still lots of questions to answer, and I'd like to throw out an idea. Superfund... Happy Hour. We get a bar in Greenpoint, get a bunch of environmental experts and locals in the bar, and get some answers to some frequently asked questions about Newtown Creek and the EPA. Also, the bar should develop a special Superfund-themed drink, like a grasshopper, but... uh... muddier.

P.S. Shout out to CHEJ's Mike "Slim" Schade for angling into a photo with Nydia, above, during an EPA press conference. That photo came in handy last week.

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