Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tandem of Arts in Bushwick and New Kings

From BushwickBK...

If you were at Tandem last night, meeting friends for potato tortillas and PBR, you may have come across a campaign event with Diana Reyna and about forty Bushwick-based artists and political activists.
With the general election approaching on Tuesday, November 3,
the event was part of a flurry of appearances as churches, restaurants, and community organizations fill Reyna’s schedule.
Reyna came to Tandem after campaign staffers Antonio Reynoso and Will Florentino approached Arts in Bushwick’s Laura Braslow to set up an event in Bushwick for artists to meet the incumbent councilmember who is running for a third term (and a rematch with
Working Families Party candidate Maritza Davila who Reyna outlasted in the Democratic primary by 251 votes). Braslow, who has worked with Davila on the first-ever Summer Streets program in Bushwick, agreed to help facilitate the meeting, as long as she didn’t have to do or say anything on behalf of the campaign. However, Braslow attributed Reyna’s narrow victory in the primary to votes from the "arts-identified community" and hoped the event would remind Reyna to not forget about an overlooked constituency of artists and arts professionals with real issues and real problems.


Anonymous said...

all u guys can deliver is 46 votes? wtf.. ur full of crap!!!

Unknown said...

Kind of a puff piece, no? She's the incumbent, when does the critical examination of her record come? What legislation has she written as opposed to merely signed on to? What has she done to deal with dangerous construction, overdevelopment, and displacement in her district?

Not really trying to be the next Jack Newfield are you?