Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Andy Campbell!

Andy Campbell, at an opening of some kind.
The Brooklyn Paper welcomed new reporter Andy Campbell to the mix, and he's started out with a bang with articles on the Bedford Bike Lane caper and mock funeral, Isack Rosenberg's bankruptcy issues, Brooklyn Bridge Park updates, and Jonathan Lethem's nine-hour marathon reading. An excerpt below:
Another hour passed. Wine cups came out, bread was broken, and Lethem lost the top button of his shirt.
But he wasn’t the only person in the bookstore who was enduring. Brent Shearer attended a whopping six of the “Chronic City” readings. As a result, Lethem promised him the book that the Bard was reading from — if he made it to the end.
“I’m kinda getting sick of the book, really,” Shearer said, falling deeper into his chair. But at this point, Lethem’s little war was fodder for Shearer’s own creative project: He’s writing a book about attending book readings while on unemployment. It’s called, “In the Front Row on the Dole.”
“Every now and then, I get a woman out of it, but I’d come here anyway,” he said.

Campbell comes to Brooklyn from Washington State where he was covering the Vampire-beat. This meant lots of time with bored cops who hated him. For one of his assignments he had to try out a police taser. Yes, there's video.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...not the way I remember it! But of course "relationship building" is a learned skill...

-a bored "jailer" who put quite a lot of time and energy into having a cooperative relationship with our law enforcement reporter.

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