Friday, December 11, 2009

Feel the NAG Love

With community meetings winding down for the year, it has been a week of holiday parties. First the Satmar's kicked things off, and now NAG had its turn. Everybody in Northside and Greenpoint was there, from Mike Freedman Schnapp, Peter Gillespie, Susan Albrecht and all the NAGgers you know and love, including Emily Gallagher, Lacey Tauber, Ryan Kuonen, and Allison Davis. By the way, always nice when the Manager of the Boston Red Sox, right, drops by. He can't be happy that he's losing Mike Lowell.

MFS and the NAG angels fight planning-related injustice on the weekends.

Emily and Allison kept things moving along emceeing the auction and shuttling through the crowd while remaining festive and cheerful. Lacey just happens to be easily surprised.

The event brought out the Community Board VIPs and hangers on too, including OSA's Stephanie Thayer and Julia Morrow, CB1s Ward Dennis, Julie Lawrence, and ex-transportation chair Teresa Toro, who cornered Steve Levin for twenty minutes about who knows what. See, Teresa's still around. Hey Teresa! Bike lane! DOT! Hipster repainting! Arrests! Re-repainting! Lawsuit! Funeral Procession! Anything?

We were also joined by urban adventurer Marin Tockman who... One second. Marin needs a moment...

Ok, there we go... mustaches!!

Council member-elect Steve Levin stopped by too, to get cornered by several people including Toro, who chatted with him about who knows what. It was one of many stops on Steve's busy night, including a birthday party in Greenpoint with Rami "Porous" Metal. Rami, can I have my crutches back?

Rami, how about a photo for the paparazzi! Beautiful! Rami, turn this way! Now turn that way! Much love! Beautiful! Rami, where are you spending your holiday season? What's this about David Yassky's holiday party! Why no invitation! Staff only? Beautiful!


Moses Gates said...

Sorry I missed it. I wanted to stop by, but once I heard "no Karaoke" it kind of fell by the wayside.

Open Skies said...

Hi Aaron! Gr8 2 meet you recently. I plan on contacting Stephanie Thayer by the 1st. Thanks again! Hope WE stay in contact.