Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anklegate Update: Short Listed as Questionable for CB1 Meeting

Williamsburg 12:30 PM EST: Doctors at Woodhull Hospital diagnosed Aaron Short with an ankle sprain after X-rays came back negative for a fracture. Short has been listed as "Questionable" for tonight's Community Board 1 Full Board meeting and will need treatment for 2-3 weeks before swelling reduces and the ankle returns back to normal. (P.S. Thanks Dr. Wright and Dr. Fishkin!)


Teresa Toro said...

Do what's right for you but it won't be a proper CB1 meeting without you. Who will document my final CB1 meeting?

Can we send a car for you, or something?!

Feel better.

Karen Nieves said...

Teresa what are you talking about?

Moses Gates said...

Weak. Hines Ward would tell you to suck it up and play.