Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's watered-down links

Shekar "Shake N Bake" Krishnan, got the shotgun, you got the briefcase.

Lots to catch up on this week, through a sluggish mid-May period, so let's go through a timely list of links of things you may have missed.

*The Broadway Triangle lawsuit is... continuing. The judge in the case wants another hearing and she's zeroing in on the larger apartments, federal case law regarding public housing discrimination, and why the EIS does not support taller buildings. One interesting thing is that the judge appears to dismiss Hasidic groups (UJCARE, CJC) allied with the Broadway Triangle Community Coalition suing on grounds of discrimination, though those groups are still plaintiffs on the lawsuit. Two points for Shake N Bake. One point for Williamsburg's most fashionable Rabbi, if you're scoring at home.

*Vito Fossella woke up today and decided that maybe he probably shouldn't run for Congress... you know... after the whole drunk driving arrest-slash-secret family in Virginia episode. Anyone else notice that Fossella bears a striking resemblance to Viggo Mortensen in A History of Violence?
*The Greenpoint Library is closing!... for the summer. It will be open again after Labor Day. Still, it's a bummer, but not as bad as the Washington Irving branch of the Brooklyn Public Library which in eight days will be closing forever.

*For our pissing match of the week, we go to Assembly candidate Doug Biviano, who has picked The Courier's Tom Tracy (and both newspapers) to be his launching pad for his argument for government reform in Albany in an interview with Brooklyn Heights Blog. Doug's wide-ranging answers are a response to this article written by Tom on Monday. More on this later.

*Stephen Brown has the lede of the week: Urban Counterfeiters. Nicely done Stephen.

*Reid Pillifant at the Observer has been busy covering Andrew Cuomo's gubernatorial announcement, Anthony Weiner's pissing match with Glen Beck, and Chuck Schumer's chocolate fountain. Reid's at the State Convention this week covering some wild events. Here's hoping for some more gossip.

*Miss Heather at New York Shitty takes a stroll through a troubled lot on N. 10th Street. Lots of pictures, provided by Miss Heather's photo blogger colleague, Miss Mousey Brown. Here's one of them:
000_1205 by miss mousey brown.

*Finally, more trash media coverage for Bushwick, when a cyclists appeared on Judge Judy. Free Williamsburg has the info of the plaintiff and defendant, both of which are gearheads. Not a great end to Bicycle Fetish Week.

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