Monday, May 10, 2010

Eric Peterson is Williamsburg's only Yalie worth writing about
Budding Parks Department star Eric Peterson, above, reacts to the New York Observer article about Yalies living in Brooklyn. (Eric runs Parks operations at Randall's Island, a hell of a commute.) Quoth the Yalie:

I thought it was pretty funny, and true in some cases. I even posted it to my Facebook profile. Another of the quotees is from my high school, and the little brother of one of my best friends growing up.

For a host of reasons, NYC does seem to be Yale South. Not that we don't settle in DC, New Haven, Louisville, the Bay Area or Kigali, but New York's energy level and diversity of pursuits is especially attractive to Yalies.

We do love Yale and feel a big connection to other Yalies. Over 1000 alumni came to the four "Feb Club Emeritus" parties held in NYC in February, and several hundred local youngish alumni volunteer in NYC with the Admissions office, staffing college fairs and interviewing applicants. Then there are the more established outlets like the Yale Club on Vanderbilt Ave and the recently reinvigorated Yale Alumni Association of Metropolitan NY.

And it helps that Yale is only $28 round trip and less than two hours from Grand Central, which makes it easier for us to make it up to New Haven often for football games/tailgate parties, lectures, performances, symposia and other such attractions.

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