Thursday, May 20, 2010

District Leader round-up Part 1: Videos

Bruce Springsteen "The Wrestler" - Official Video

Bruce Springsteen | MySpace Music Videos

There are lots of candidates for the District Leader position declaring, bowing out, or confounding everyone this week. Oh, and, stop the presses! The Daily News is paying attention! Fortunately, there are a couple of videos of this rarely seen ethnographic-political ritual: the campaign launch party. Onto the videotapes!

First we have Lincoln Restler, a 50th district candidate, who tried to use Bruce Springsteen's The Wrestler, above, as his theme song, but Mickey Rourke threatened him.

Next, there's Jesse Strauss, who launched his own campaign for the fightin' 52nd... in Manhattan. I had to watch all eight minutes of this before he finally got to my question, and it gets cut off.

Finally, Steve Williamson decides to enter the ring in the 52nd, but from the looks of things, it didn't start off well.

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