Friday, May 7, 2010

Hope article arrives

Did you know that Hope Reichbach won her first Oscar for her role in The Piano?

The Brooklyn Paper looks at the Fightin' 52nd District Leader race, featuring the headliner fight between Jo Anne Simon and Hope Reichbach, followed by the four-way competition for male district leader (Alan Fleishman, Steve Williamson, Jesse Strauss, and Mystery well-known candidate X who is not Doug Biviano).

Check out Fleishman's bemused reaction to the interest in the position. For Alan, the race is all about Brooklyn Democratic Party Chairman Vito Lopez:

“Actually, he considers us ‘Public Enemy number 1,’ ” said Fleishman, a 27-year resident of the district who has held the post for eight years. “We didn’t support his candidates for Surrogate Court. We fought him when he tried to get an unqualified person on the Board of Elections. And we bucked him when he tried to put Noach Dear on the bench without a judicial screening panel.

“Bottom line? He’s gunning for us because we’re not willing to go along with everything he wants because he’s the county leader,” added Fleishman.

Hope deserves a song for jumping into the District Leader race. How about a little Lee Ann...


Jesse Strauss said...

Thanks for the mention, Aaron. Mr. Fleishman is right that Assemblyman Lopez has sent his hench men after him and Ms. Simon as retribution for their independence. But I think this race is about a lot more than factional politics. It’s about democratizing the County Committee and bringing a progressive, transparent and participatory brand of politics to Brooklyn. Viewed that way, Assemblyman Lopez’s retrograde politics is a symptom of the broken system I want to fix. I think my independence, energy and passion for reform makes me most capable of fixing it. In any event, I think the voters are interested in something different. I certainly am. That’s my gambit. I hope my campaign catches on.

Anonymous said...

I am going to guess that the mystery candidate is Ken Diamondstone?

Where do I collect my A Short Story t-shirt?

Anonymous said...

What about her role as Rogue, whose mutant power makes her unable to hold or kiss babies on the campaign trail?