Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Monday Links

Makin your way in the world today takes everything you've got... wait, that's the wrong lyric.

Brooklyn was awash with windy Mother's Day brunches straight outta the Golden Girls, as families could be seen at restaurants throughout the borough squabbling over who should pay the bill.
As for the news-o-sphere it was more like Law & Order. Let's go to some links.

*A tip of the newscap to The Village Voice and Graham Rayman for its blockbuster report about fudging crime statistics at the 81st Precinct. There's a follow-up about the 90th too.

*People may have feared a security threat when the J train shut down operation on the bridge last week, but the long-term story is overcrowding on the line.

*Is Hotel Toshi legal? Is it illegal? According to a well-placed administration source, the city won't know until it sees it for itself. Hotel Toshi's Robert Chan thinks he's right, but the state legislature may pass a new bill clarifying what makes a legal hotel and this one may go to the courts eventually.

*In the blotters, if you see a snorkel-masked man walking around Williamsburg, he will probably rob you.

*The SucuzhaƱay attacker got manslaughter, but was not convicted of a hate crime. BushwickBK has a nice summary to get you caught up

*Finally, Saturday's gun buyback program was apparently a success, as 287 guns were brought in, though it was a little hard to get one rifle into police custody.

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