Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Community Board 1 preview, lots of small plates

Mieszko Kalita, Ward Dennis and Heather Roslund remember a time before the Williamsburg-Greenpoint Rezoning called... The Wonder Years.

Tonight, HPD's Holly "Go" Leicht and City Planning's Steve Lenard will be on the agenda giving updates on two projects in the neighborhood. Leicht will touch on the RFP process for the Greenpoint Hospital while Lenard will talk about car sharing. I predict a muted catcall or two, as St. Nicks is still smarting over the decision to award the RFP to Great American Construction.

Also, several liquor licenses are up for grabs, including The Woods, which is looking to expand its S. Fourth Street bar. So far, the plan which was brought up at last week's public safety committee meeting, has gotten mixed reviews.

Finally, so you've heard, today is Williamsburg Rezoning Day! Apparently NAG is having its own Rezoning Day celebration without cake but with a new song at tonight's board meeting from the Broadway musical, Promises Promises. Can I make a suggestion? How about "Knowing When to Leave?"

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