Thursday, May 13, 2010

Greg Hanlon's Little League team off to fast start

Juliet Linderman at the Greenpoint Gazette has a fun profile about Press Row member Greg Hanlon, in the pool above. Hanlon is the new coach of the Seneca Club Clubbies, whose team is out to a fast 5-2 record (updated).
Check out Linderman's article, but here's an excerpt:
“One of our consistent challenges out here is keeping the outfielders from wandering,” said Greg Hanlon, coach of the Seneca Club team as he watched one especially tiny and bleary-eyed left fielder wander onto the dirt, flinging her arms and twirling in circles. “We have to try and keep them on the grass. And these bathroom requests? They just keep coming.”

Just for fun, I thought I'd get some reaction from Seneca Club leaders District Manager Gerry Esposito, District Leader Steve "Cashman" Cohn, and Assemblyman Joe "Steinbrenner" Lentol and his press warrior Amy Cleary about the job Greg is doing so far.


We’re thrilled to have Greg Hanlon be the coach of our team. We couldn’t be more pleased. Greg’s a hard worker and great with kids.

Gerry Esposito: Blank stare

Steve Cohn:

That’s great! Did you know that the Seneca Little League team was undefeated two years ago?

I’m not a baseball guy, but the most beautiful thing I saw, when Chris Carter got up to bat and choked up in the bat. You have to change your swing sometimes. That’s what I say to the kids, hit the ball.

Steinbrenner Lentol:

Yes, he’s going to be an excellent coach. He really knows sports. I don’t know how well he plays, but he knows a lot about baseball. I suspect he plays himself, but you don’t have to play well. Most of the managers and coaches in baseball didn’t make it as players. It’s not required.

Lentol was working the phones on Friday, chewing Hanlon out while making a trade to Hanlon's the Seneca Club Clubbies.

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Anonymous said...

My kid played on the Seneca a few years back. He only swung at bat one time the entire season, but scored over twenty times. My advice is to tell the team to "wait for the pitch." With that simple coaching,Greg may just have the winningest team of the year!