Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taco Tour de Williamsburg

Looking for somewhere to grab a bite during Cinco de Mayo tomorrow? How about dining at Williamsburg's most authentic Mexican establishments? Here's an excerpt of quite possibly the best place to get tacos in the neighborhood:

Antojitos Mexicanos

Striped acrylic tablecloths. Felt and straw sombreros hanging on the wall. An old-fashioned jukebox playing Mexican pop rock. Welcome to a Williamsburg that few hipsters know about.

Tucked in the middle of a busy commercial street, Antojitos Mexicanos is worth the trip, offering the most flavorful tacos, tortas, and tamales in our survey. Its huaraches, which is made from scratch, contain black beans embedded in the masa, and is piled high with lettuce, sour cream and generous portions of meat and cheese.

Practically anything you order will leave you smiling and nodding to your group of friends, while a Spanish-language version of Hotel California plays in the background.

Fair warning. Our intern, Liz, took a bite of a chalupa and described the experience as a “spicy lightheadedness,” before being reduced to the brink of tears because of its spiciness.

Salsas: Red is hot and green is very hot. We’re not kidding.

Our Lady of Guadelupe shrine: One is next to the security camera and another is near the store’s front window.

Rating: 4 sombreros

Antojitos Mexicanos [107 Graham Ave. near Boerum Street, (718) 384-9076]

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