Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Short Story: Best of... Mieszko Stories

About a month ago, a community board member who I will not name said that she ran into Mieszko this year and he took out a few pictures from his wallet to show her. Not pictures of his family, mind you. Pictures of Mieszko shirtless... hanging out, doing chores, etc. She was mildly shocked by this and will deny it if you ask her that it happened. I swear to God this happened.

Thanks everyone for making this blog possible. I was wrong. You're all celebrities. Especially Mieszko.


Anonymous said...

thaats haat.
Not for nuthin, but my word verification for this comment is rearbo. It sounds so lucky. I am going to go play my numbers.

Anonymous said...

Think maybe you can get a copy of those pictures and post them on your blog?