Friday, April 16, 2010

The Short List: McLevin Edition

Councilman Steve Levin had a big week last week. How big? Some are talking about the Councilman's superhero feats of negotiation in the Rose Plaza project (the developers upped the level of affordable housing from 20 percent to 30 percent and added a slew of 3 and 4-bedroom units) and looking ahead to his next challenge... the Domino sugar refinery.
What better place than The Short List to confer upon the new councilman an apt nickname?
Introducing... McLevin.
McLevin can't read your mind, but he can alter your development project.

That's right. McLevin... aka The Red Mist of Affordable Housing... aka the Shea Hey kid... aka Fear the Deer.
Now, you may be asking yourselves. Steve Levin superheroic strength? Give me some examples! Or better yet, compare him to McLovin! And I am here to say, absolutely.

1. McLovin: tries cigarettes and beer in Superbad:: McLevin: rolled his own cigarettes when he started working for Vito Lopez.

2. McLovin: drivers license from Hawaii:: McLevin: drivers license from- uh- New Jersey, maybe? That's like the Hawaii of the northeast isn't it?

3. McLovin: awkward first love scene filmed with mom in the room:: McLevin: awkward first session of City Council with dad in the room.

4. McLovin: worked for Judd Apatow and his comedy mafia:: McLevin: Vito is funnier than Judd Apatow and Seth Rogan combined.

5. McLovin: no actual superpowers in new movie Kickass!:: McLevin: Red-eye death stare melts down developers.

So there you have it. McLevin. The Councilman. Steve, it could be worse.

Hey, um, Rami, Solomon, have you guys seen my cape? The forum is about start."

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