Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day: True vs. Untrue

For April Fool's Day, let's keep a running tab on what stories are real and what stories aren't. Every press release that comes in is getting a couple of once-overs. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

4:45 PM (yesterday): Explosion at Allocco Recycling plant. True. Yesterday, a tank at Allocco got hit by a piece of machinery. There were minor injuries.

10:45 AM: No Underwear Subway Ride. Sounds true. Katie Sokolor is the photographer for Gothamist and she doesn't seem to be the complicit prankster type.

11:28 AM: In-and-Out coming to New York. Untrue. The burger chain is staying in LA.

2:04 PM: Live chicks in a Greenpoint liquor store display window. True. Miss Heather couldn't believe it either.

3:36 PM: Mayor Bloomberg sells naming rights to Ed Koch. Untrue. But Ed Koch has his own twitter account where he reviews movies. Watch Koch review Inglourious Basterds. Hope he doesn't get any ideas from this for reforming Albany.

8:01 PM: More bridge and tunnel crowds come to Williamsburg. True. Alma Lounge opens and gets shut down by Free Williamsburg.

12:01 AM: The state has a $9 billion budget deficit. It's not April Fools Day anymore.

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