Tuesday, April 27, 2010

20 most influential includes Marty Management

Photo provided by the Borough President's office.
City Hall News posted its 20 Most Influential list of people you've never heard of. Don't get too excited. It's an extremely Manhattan-centric list. One notable Brooklynite made it: Marty Markowitz's Chief of Staff Carlo Scissura.
CHN notes how Marty values his judgment to "present all sides of an issue" and cited his work in reaching out to communities living near Atlantic Yards and Domino.
CHN writes:
As the right-hand man to an elected official with such a large and diverse population (and to one who is not seen as a likely candidate for further office), Scissura has taken on an increasingly active role in shaping his borough’s extensive agenda. And Scissura’s skill in what is known in political circles as “Marty Management” has not gone unrecognized outside of the confines of Brooklyn Borough Hall
Not everyone agrees. Cue Atlantic Yards Report, who goes to the videotape.

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