Friday, April 9, 2010

The Short List: Taxman Edition

A Short Story has a few tips to get you through tax filing season.

First, do not visit the awning on Wilson Avenue that says PM Taxes. It is an art gallery. They do not know how to file your taxes and they will be insulted if you ask them. But do visit the gallery to check out Deborah Brown's Bushwick paintings.

Second, if you own a large landmarked building that you want to convert to condos, consider a charitable contribution to your friendly neighborhood Borough President. And your councilman.

Third, attorney fees and lobbying costs in order to get your controversial development over the hump can be written off in a new itemized deduction.

Fourth, medical costs incurred via having your child's leg singed in a metallic playground orb can also be deducted.

Finally, if your place of business was raided by the DEA or the NYPD this week, you may be able to deduct loss of revenue while your business remained closed, but you should probably see an accountant. Or just send lawyers, guns and money.

Happy filing!

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