Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Community Board One Preview

It's a beetle invasion!, lots of sidewalk cafes, and the irrepressible Rich Mazur tonight at Community Board 1. Because Community Board 1 reminds me of living in a yellow submarine.
Meanwhile, at the same time, a big protest will erupt at 8 PM at 106 Ross Street, the home of Rose Plaza developer Isack Rosenberg. Sample lines from the flyer:
"Money hungry developers are bringing in the heart of Williamsburg 800 apartments for yuppies/ artists on the property of Certified lumber... they're also writing in their plans that a beach will be built there, G-D Foebid (sic)! People of Williamsburg! Let's gather and not allow this money-hungry person, to destroy our city!"
The Land Use Committee vote is tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Simon Weiser has some fun.......

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the beetles, did you know that Public Assembly is featuring a series of shows known as "Beatles Burlesque?" (Ya' know -- the denuding of Greenpoint's greenery...)