Monday, March 1, 2010

Is Purim still going on? Monday links

Dance for me, clown! Dance!
The answer is yes. Purim is still going on, all the time, in the hearts of men, women and children everywhere, forever. But some other news occurred this weekend, so let's pick up the pieces of an electric kool-aid weekend...

*Purim went on all weekend, but Castle Braid in Bushwick was the place to be on Saturday, or more appropriately, the place to make fun of.

*Speaking of parties, The Times details a party bus that goes from Williamsburg to the West Village's Rusty Knot and back to Williamsburg (presumably). The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is interested in this for some reason. Do they realize the bus will not be going to Pittsburgh?

*What's not a party on a bus? Getting the mumps. I feel bad for any Hassids who have to miss Purim because they have the mumps. Can we have a post-mumps purim party next week? It's not contagious is it?

*David Gonzalez hops across the river to profile a small graphic design firm, Somos Arte, in Williamsburg that decided to help nonprofits redesign their logos and programs. The only question here is how many paragraphs into the article before Luis Garden Acosta gets a shout out. The answer? 8.

*More art. The Armory is finally upon us, but the Times checks out The Whitney Biennial first. Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn, the second annual SITE Fest will be taking place.

*Construction is set to begin at Atlantic Yards and Atlantic Yards Report takes a deep, deep, look into the Carlton Bridge delays.

*Marty Markowitz, who spoke for over an hour during his State of the Borough address (Erin Durkin pokes fun at his Scott Brown impression), also brought in $122,000 for campaign contributions. Erin Einhorn of the Daily News reports.

*Downtown Brooklyn's Sid's Hardware is moving from MetroTech to Hamilton Avenue.

*Finally, it's not quite the Bay of Pigs, but the coffee cold war is hearing up in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, as Blue Bottle is set to move in to battle Gimme Coffee!, Variety, Verb, Sumptown, two Oslos, and the Roebling Tea Room. This is what Europe must have felt like in World War I, if the nations were coffee stores and Franz Ferdinand were a band and not an assassinated archduke. Is the Greenpoint Coffee House Czechoslovakia or Poland?

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