Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring arrives in Williamsburg

Ahhh, halter top day. No, thank you Williamsburg, for a wonderful spring weekend of lounging in the park until my butt froze over.
Unfortunately, Brooklynites aren't really used to celebrating this New England-based holiday. For one thing, no one actually wore a halter top. Instead, everyone seemed to be wearing black t-shirts and jeans or dark shorts, including the Hasidic teenagers. Also, I have been informed that a halter top is not the same thing as a tank top, so even I have a few things to learn.

However, someone has to recognize this dude, below, for his enthusiastic and dangerous hairstyle which may have been a Jewfro but we were too afraid to approach it to find out for sure. Instead, let's consider the two icons in the picture. The Empire State Building and whatever the hell the thing below it is.

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