Thursday, March 18, 2010

Note: Not actually Moishe's building at 684 Flushing Avenue.

Moishe Indig, UJCARE board member and ubiquitous presence on Williamsburg land use issues, according to the Village Voice, may be among the city's worst landlords. Elizabeth Dwoskin has more but let's go to this excerpt!

Landlord Indig: "By next year, we hope you will be able to put the building back on the best-landlords list, instead of the worst! We hope that all the problems will be resolved."

Tenant Cruz Barreto, fearing that the rats currently crowded in the basement will invade his first-floor apartment: "I'm sleeping with the lights and the TV on—in case I need to get up and run."

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Anonymous said...


What I find highly disturbing is that this building -684 Flushing- is the subject of ongoing litigation between Legal Services Corp A and Moishe Indig, but that Indig serves on the Board of UJCare, someone that Legal Services Corp A is legally representing in the Broadway Triangle Lawsuit.

Has Needelman explained this to the tenants at 684 Flushing? If not, then it seems as though he's committed a fairly serious ethical violation.

Page 36 of this Legal Services Corp A Document shows that the building is the subject of ongoing litigation.

Unless the case at 684 Flushing is resolved, and the Village Voice article seems to suggest that it is far from resolved, then Needelman and Corp A are doing the tenants of that building a major disservice by representing the Indig affiliated, and some would say partially controlled UJCare. Who are these tenants supposed to trust?