Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Building Collapses on Conselyea Street

A three-story building at 37 Conselyea St. in Wiliamsburg,  Brooklyn, collapsed Monday afternoon, injuring four workers. Photo by  Alyson Martin/The Brooklyn Ink
Photo by Alyson Martin of The Brooklyn Ink

After yesterday's building collapse on Conselyea Street, details are emerging to determine exactly why this happened. Reporters for The Brooklyn Ink interviewed neighbors on the block, who think that heavy flooding was the cause. Meanwhile Gothamist and other outlets looked into the neighboring building's structural problems, which may have undermined the foundation. Yet it was the 100-year old building at 34 Conselyea Street that collapsed, not the new construction at 36 Conselyea Street. And Juliet Linderman at The Greenpoint Gazette has statements from the Buildings Commissioner that "structural members must have been comprised" as well as more photos. Finally, Sarabeth Sanders at The Real Deal makes the Maundrell connection too, that the building is owned by Apts and Lofts' David Maundrell's mom.

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