Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Quarantined at Brooklyn Kitchen

Photo by Juliet Linderman
"The key to defeating swine flu zombies is by removing the head or destroying the brain."

From dissecting pigs with butcher blogger Tom Mylan (he butchers like an editor), to sorting out a hit and run homicide, to enjoying the Weezer-like sounds of the Blue Album Group ( in a concert raising money for NAG's North Brooklyn Story Project, it's just another day in Greenpoint. As NAG's Lacey Tauber said, 'They sound better than actual Weezer" before grooving along to 'Only in Dreams'. Everyone got nostalgic for high school and I've slowly begun to realize that the planning for my 10-year high school reunion is probably going to end up on my desk in the next couple of weeks. Thanks a lot E.O. Smith class of 1999.

The big developing story today is what's going on with the Kent Avenue bike lanes in Williamsburg. Businesses are opposed to it but Congresswoman Velazquez is pushing it. We're trying to find out what's going on and dispel a lot of rumors about whether a lane will be stripped to provide for adequate parking for local businesses or if some other agreement has been worked out. Will post as soon as it is confirmed.

Steve Levin is feeling under the weather today. Don't worry, he definitely does not have swine flu. We checked. But please, somebody get him some chicken soup stat! Hey Tom Mylan, know any good chicken soup recipes?

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