Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hope Fight!

I don't have a video of Hope training, so this is pretty much the next best thing.

Check out Tom Tracy's knockout preview of District Leader candidate Hope Reichbach's fundraiser tonight at Gleason's Gym. Yes, I'm going. Among the tasty nuggets that Tom lifted from his interview include Hope's "fairly heavy fists" and how she "throws them from every angle," her fighting style which is to go right at an opponent as opposed to "dancing around the ring" and her unfortunately mislabeled nickname, "Moose." As in:

“I don’t think she’s knocked anyone out, but she’s a brawler at heart,” Lawrence [her trainer] said. “I wouldn’t want to turn on her dark side. You don’t want to see the Moose rise up.”

Apparently District Leader Jo Anne Simon, her political opponent, wouldn't comment for the story, preferring to engage in... um... more old fashioned pursuits.

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