Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Broadway Triangle... no update

Still no word on what's going on with the Broadway Triangle. There was a hearing on Monday, when plaintiffs requested a litany of documents from the city, the defendant in the case. Meanwhile, the plaintiff's attention appears to be turning to other issues. Rob Solano's Churches United group is hosting a pro-Domino press conference on Whipple Street Thursday afternoon while Brooklyn Legal Services attorneys are cleaning up the mess from a landlord-tenant dispute on North Eighth Street. Looks like we're in another intermission for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Brooklyn, NY - Assemblymember Vito Lopez, Councilmember Steve Levin, and Assemblymember Joseph Lentol will hold a rally on Monday, June 21st, at 10 AM on the steps of City Hall to protest the proposed New Domino Development. The rally immediately precedes the Land Use Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises hearing on New Domino in the City Council.

“As an affordable housing advocate, I cannot support a development plan that will bring thousands of new luxury units to an already overcrowded neighborhood. The project is simply too big and too dense. I urge the community to come out and voice their opposition to the extraordinary height and density of this project. While the plan does offer affordable housing, the thousands of luxury units the developers are proposing will place a burden on the established infrastructure in our community. The community should not have to pay such an overwhelming cost for the affordable housing it deserves,” said Assembly Housing Chair Vito Lopez.

“I stand with Assembly Housing Chair Lopez and the communities we represent in opposition to the Domino project. I continue to oppose this project because it exacerbates the congestion in Williamsburg on all levels. Buses and subways are already over capacity each day. The Domino plan will decrease open space in a neighborhood that has lost acres of open space in the past few years. I ask the community to stand with us at the rally on Monday and testify against the project in the City Council,” said Councilmember Steve Levin.

“The Domino plan is simply too dense and too high for the neighborhood to absorb. Everyone, including me, wants the affordable housing but without transparency I cant believe that the potentially disastrous effect a project of this size will have on the transit system, traffic, the schools, emergency and police services, social services, open space and the character of the neighborhood is necessary. Its not right for our community,” said Assemblymember Joseph Lentol.

“Before considering any further private rezonings or proposals, the City needs to take stock of where we are after the 2005 rezoning. The City must contend with the infrastructure burdens that New Domino will bring to Williamsburg. This is the wrong development for this site, there are far too many community concerns and negative impacts created by this project that must be addressed before moving forward” said Heather Roslund, chair of the Land Use Communittee of Community Board 1.

“Working together, the community has an opportunity to craft a plan that meets the needs of the entire community - substantial affordable housing combined with a fair and sustainable density and an increase in publicly-accessible open space. We can’t let that slip away,” Ward Dennis, Executive Director of Neighbors Allied for Good Growth, explained.

The rally will take place on June 21st, at 10 AM, on the steps of City Hall