Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Breaking! Ryan Kuonen is on CB1!

Neighbors Allied for Good Growth's Ryan Kuonen (pronounced Koo-OWN-in) is a new member of Community Board 1, replacing Israel Framowitz, who left. Kuonen will receive her secret CB1 decoder ring during the board's ancient initiation ritual to be held on the roof of the Domino Refinery building. Details TBA!
(Actually, another source says that Kuonen replaced NAG's Peter Gillespie. Either way, Kuonen is on and Gillespie/ Framowitz are off.)


Anonymous said...

who was responsible for her appointment?

the community district is lucky to have her on the board.

ryanlachica said...

Lol. my last name is a pronunciation killer. the 0 is super silent. pronounced kinda like Conan but with the U & E vowel sounds ie coo-nen