Friday, June 4, 2010

Community Board 1 class of 2011

We've got the list. There are five new members. A few notable additions. David Lopez, who runs Los Sures, is on the board (updated: Whoops! It's his son, David Lopez Jr. Not the father. Still, they both wear fly straw hats). Former Reyna staffer Will Florentino is a new addition, as is RBSCC staffer and Davila campaign volunteer, Maria Viera. I remember suggesting to Viera on Election Day that she should think about applying for CB1, and it's good to see her on the list. Moishe Zelik and Giorgio Mayer finish the group.

1. Vincent Abate

2. Joseph Calise

3. Frank Carbone

4. Sophie Chabrowski

5. Theresa Cianciotta

6. Marie Leanza

7. Vincent Gangone

8. Giorgio Mayer

9. Avrom Katz

10. Yenfri Gomez

11. Karen Leader

12. Jose Leon

13. Peter Gillespie

14. Dewey Thompson

15. David Niederman

16. Mary Odomirok

17. Israel Rosario

18. Del Teague

19. David Lopez (Jr.)

20. Maria Viera

21. Robert Solano

22. Stephen Weidberg

23. David Weinstock

24. Moshe Zelik

25. Esteban Duran

Expires March 31, 2011

1. Paul Pullo

2. Israel Framovitz

3. Katherine Naplatarski

4. Jaye Fox

5. James Vicente

6. Yehuda Turner

7. Mieszko Kalita

8. Moshe Kahan

9. Karen Nieves

10. Julie Lawrence

11. Heather Roslund

12. Simon Weiser

13. Solomon Bondo

14. Christopher Olechowski

15. Philip Caponegro

16. Joseph Cimino

17. Abraham Perlstein

18. Thomas Burrows

19. Lisa Bamonte

20. Wilfredo Florentino

21. Joseph Weber

22. Dealice Fuller

23. Ward Dennis

24. Michael Chirichella

25. Gina Barros


Anonymous said...

Would you say this is a bit of a "filler" piece?

Anonymous said...

The bigger problem is that some of these are "filler" board members.

Aaron Short said...

Both of you have now been hired as my new interns. Pay will be in cupcakes.