Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday links

Mayor Bloomberg makes a pit stop.

Mayor Bloomberg's state of the city is upon us, which will drive the news today. The New York Times and DNAInfo Manhattan have an advance look at the speech, City Hall News plots Bloomberg's "comeback," and the Wall Street Journal picks out the mayor's livery cab proposal making it legal for livery cabs to pick up passengers in the outer boroughs.

But onto some other links.

*It's been far too long since I put up a Chris Bragg story. Here is his report on Walmart and the city's labor unions and the dueling Walmart surveys at City Hall News.

*The Daily News' Erin Durkin finds theft at an East New York nursing home.

*Commercial property sales surged in Brooklyn, but there's a more comprehensive report coming out today, so we'll have to compare.

*Classically-trained Dan Deacon is the prince of percussive pop, although I'm just stringing words together at this point.

*Finally, Greenpoint is getting a fart factory. And Jeff Daniels is going to manage it.

*Bonus link! This is what happens when Jim Dwyer is on leave.

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