Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daily Links

Rudy Gay wins my media vote for the NBA All Stars.

The cold has broken, but the stories keep coming in, including yet another omen for the decline of the newspaper industry.

*A horrible accident occurred during the night shift at a Williamsburg tortilla factory two days ago, when a 22-year-old immigrant worker reached into a mixing machine, which then crushed him to death. The factory doesn't have any history of OSHA violations, but expect a long follow-up report.

*Reid Pillifant looks at New York's newest odd couple: Congressmen Peter King and Anthony Weiner. Warning, this article has an NC-17 rating just for language.

*If you find yourself asking who Rachel Sterne is... well, you should read Gillian Regan's report at CapitalNY.

*City Journal asks where the Korean groceries went? (Answer: Williamsburg)

*Finally, the Idiotarod is returning on Saturday. Below, a video from last year.

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