Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sad news out of the Voice today

Veteran reporters Wayne Barrett and Tom Robbins are both leaving the Village Voice, Wayne due to budget cuts (ad revenue is down across the industry) and Tom due to, well, Wayne explains more about that in his own column in The Voice.

I've met Wayne only once, at a dinner honoring a longtime Catholic pastor, though he is, on all accounts, one of preeminent investigative journalists in New York City today. Tom is certainly another investigative icon, and his pieces on both labor and politics have shaped the city's power brokers (and fellow journalists) for decades.

We'll probably hear more from Tom on this, but the outpouring of posts from political writers is only beginning to pour through. Here's David Freedlander at The Observer, Azi Paybarah at WNYC, Ben Smith at Politico, Jim Dwyer via David Freedlander, John Del Signore at Gothamist, Gawker media, and Brad Wellen at Mediabistro.

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