Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily Links

This looks like a job for... Blizzard man!

*Tom Tracy at The Brooklyn Paper has more details about that strange cat-astrophe in a Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg. Yes, I went there.

*And just down the street, The Daily News' Juan Gonzalez looks at the story of the Guatemalan immigrant worker who died in a tragic tortilla factory accident and the inspiring story of the factory's owner, Erasmo Ponce.

*Hat tip to Time Out New York which talks pork with Traif's Jason Marcus in one of the better food round-ups I've seen in a while. It's all about the hidden gems around Havemeyer Street, including Nha Toi, Sugar Beets Thai, and several delis, butcher shops and seafood markets. The first reviews of the restaurant focused on the gulf between hipster Williamsburg and Hasidic Williamsburg below Broadway, but what this interview reveals instead is that Traif is successful because it incorporates the tastes and Spanish/ Asian cultures of the neighborhood's changing immigrant south side.

*The Brooklyn Eagle's Linda Collins digs underneath a historic Gowanus household, originally owned by a tugboat captain to find artifacts from the late 1800s.

*Finally, Sheepshead Bites is upset at the lack of plows in South Brooklyn and the South Brooklyn Blizzard Response Hearing has been canceled... due to snow.

It's going to snow through the weekend... which means your porch will look like this.

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