Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wall Street Journal Discovers Beacon's Closet

Very interesting article from the Wall Street Journal's metro section about the Williamsburg vintage institution. Although Ralph Gardner's article is written from the tone of a Manhattanite dad's sojourn to the store with his teenage daughter (and yes, that's exactly the subject of the feature, what do you expect it's the Journal), the Urban Gardner comes away with two decent insights: everyone in Beacon's closet works in a band making it difficult to retain staff and Beacon's closet is becoming pickier in the types of clothing it buys on consignment.
What does it mean? Not much beyond that, although it's worth noting that Beacon's Closet spawned the proliferation of high-end vintage and women's clothing boutiques on and nearby Bedford Avenue in the past five years.
One thing I'd like to know is whether Beacon's Closet's revenues are up or down because of this and other demographic changes on the Northside.

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