Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Steinbrenner is dead. Long live Steinbrenner

How else can we remember the most notorious owner in all of professional sports? With a Seinfeld montage!

Also, the statements are coming in. Here's the Mayor:
“Our hearts and prayers go out to the entire Steinbrenner family. This is a sad day not only for Yankee fans, but for our entire City, as few people have had a bigger impact on New York over the past four decades than George Steinbrenner. George had a deep love for New York, and his steely determination to succeed – combined with his deep respect and appreciation for talent and hard work – made him a quintessential New Yorker. George invested his heart and soul into the Yankees, and his competitive fire helped usher in new eras of Yankee greatness, reclaiming the team’s long tradition of excellence and its position as the most successful franchise in the history of American sports. He was a champion who made New York a better place, and who always gave back to the city he loved. He has left an indelible legacy on the Yankees, on baseball, and on our city, and he leaves us in the only way that would be appropriate: as a reigning world champion. We will be lowering the flags in City Hall Plaza today in honor of his achievements. George was a larger than life New York figure whose passion and drive to succeed will forever be missed.”

And here's Borough President Markowitz:

“It doesn’t matter if you root for the Yankees or the Mets—or, like me, still carry a torch for the beloved Brooklyn Dodgers. We can all agree that this is a dark day for New York City baseball and for professional sports in America . The Yankees’ home turf may be the Bronx, but George Steinbrenner truly exemplified the ‘ Brooklyn attitude.’ He was tenacious, tough and settled for nothing less than excellence. With his savvy and baseball smarts, he guided the Yankees into a new golden age. I know that George Steinbrenner, like Yankee great Lou Gehrig, considered himself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. So let’s honor him by continuing to ‘root, root, root’ for the home team. Because as George himself made clear on so many occasions, if they don’t win, it’s a shame!”

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