Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat stroke hangover links

Whenever I'm with you.. something inside starts burning...

Everyone except candidates petitioning for District Leader is staying inside during today's 100 degree heat. That's reason enough to check out these neighborhood links.

*The Bushwick mattress fire, the state's largest self-sustaining mattress fire, is still smoldering. Jesus. They cut the L train from Broadway Junction to Myrtle Avenue after this one. BushwickBK's Jonathan Mena has more on this 4-alarm.

*Speaking of fires, Free Williamsburg has videotape of the fire that almost burned down the Brooklyn Public Library's Leonard Branch but still freaked out Brian Ries. It's ok, Brian. They put it out. Here's his video:

*Also, last week, in the same neighborhood, the power failed.

*The fireworks happened on the Hudson River, and Councilman Steve Levin is pissed about it.

*Bushwick residents are feeling a little overexposed as The Times looks at two expensive membership-based arts communities (3rd Ward Brooklyn and Castle Braid, where 1-bedrooms can cost $1,700 a month at the low end.) Another article in the "Bushwick Journal" series about The Loom follows. Here's hoping that the grayish lady has gotten Bushwick out of her system and that we will soon see an "East New York Journal" or a "Middle Village Journal" instead.

*Radiac is back in the news after Assemblyman Lentol pushed a bill through the Assembly. They've actually never left. To get caught up on the fuss, read New York Press' slightly meandering but otherwise excellent article by Susan Sundberg in 2008. Also the title should have been My Chemical Romance. Opportunity missed.

*Finally, Faith No More took to the waterfront for an OSA benefit show. And MTV was there. Here's hoping the fans followed the band's advice to beat the heat.


Lacey said...

holy crap. that fire was 2 blocks from my house. i only saw the aftermath. no wonder there was a helicopter and a "major emergency" fire truck! There is still a totally burned out library truck next to the house, and I saw the tenants moving their stuff out this morning. What a day to have to do that, poor things.

Lacey said...

Then again, they are pretty lucky that they got out! (I read that everyone was okay, thank goodness). Thanks to our local fire dept!