Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sleepy Thursday links

A few things to chew on, on this sleepy Thursday afternoon...

*The biggest opening of the week in Williamsburg isn't a new restaurant, club, or clothing store. It's the Brooklyn Kitchen Labs, which will further cement Williamsburg as the foodie epicenter of Brooklyn (sorry Park Slope, your co-op is too strict anyway).

*The next fight in City Council will be over who controls the committee chairs, and Brooklyn councilmembers may have an in. I'll be looking at Land Use in particular, where Diana Reyna and Dan Garodnick could be candidates (and to commenters, yeah, we know that the Broadway Triangle will be decided by the old council but the scramble for committee chairs starts NOW).

7 acres and a mule. Except there is no mule. The city is buying out Joseph Sitt of at Coney Island.
*Towers in Greenpoint? Will Yakowitz with the latest.

*Will Jo Anne Simon be the next Miss G Train? Or will Steve Levin put his hat in the ring too?


Anonymous said...


Really? Diana Reyna chairperson of the land-use committee? That's a laugh. I bet she stays where she is.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1:

That is Mr. Short's pure speculation. At no time did she say anything about wanting land use. I firmly believe that it is irresponsible to assume that because of Reyna's opposition to the Broadway Triangle that she would want land use. Isn't that right Aaron?

Without it coming directly from Reyna or her people, that kind of speculation just seems careless. I thought it was the job of the reporters to report the news, not generate it.

Aaron Short said...

I'm getting some leaks that are more than assumptions (and no it doesn't have to come from her people, it can come from other council sources, but they are thinking about this). A lot of this will depend on how Queens moves and what Quinn feels is best for her interests. That may be someone like Dan Garodnick or another council member certainly.