Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meet Jimmy Van Bramer

Who is Jimmy Van Bramer (hint, he's the guy in the center of the photo)? City Hall News' Chris Bragg investigates...

On the evening of Nov. 2, Jimmy Van Bramer made one last trip to an apartment building in Sunnyside that he had canvassed frequently during his Council campaign.
In a matter of hours, polls would open in Van Bramer’s general election face-off against an unknown 24-year-old Republican in a heavily Democratic district.
But taking nothing for granted, Van Bramer went for one last round of door-knocking—and upon seeing Van Bramer, a supporter broke into laughter.
“She said, ‘Dude you are hardcore! 8:30 at night, running against a Republican?’” Van Bramer recalled.
A relentless work ethic helped Van Bramer, 40, win a spirited primary over Queens County-backed Deirdre Feerick. He then coasted to a general election victory.

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