Friday, August 27, 2010

Parks Phil is Leaving!... for Manhattan

Beloved Parks spokesman Phil Abramson is shifting over from Brooklyn to cover Manhattan, where the grass is greener, so to speak. I mean, have you seen Bryant Park these days? Nevertheless, he will still come to major events, possibly whenever McCarren Park Pool opens to jump in it with Marty Markowitz. Below from the desk of Phil:

After over four years of serving as the Parks Department’s Brooklyn press liaison, I am shifting over to focus on inquiries pertaining to Manhattan... And I’ll still be around / filling in here and there, so I’m sure we’ll all still speak!

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Mary said...

Hi Aaron, I just stumbled across your blog - you've got a lot of great stuff posted.

I hope you'll check mine out - I have a lot of flash fiction on it that you might like. :)

Can't wait to see your next post!