Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday's sporadic links

Bang your own can at Dominican Day.

Shootings and burglaries aside (poor Rock Star Bar lost 11 bottles of Campari- the most valuable thing in the place), there's a lot going on as summer stretches out these next few weeks. Let's take a look.

*Biggest story of the week is Andy Campbell's bike lock vigilante story. It even got on CBS2. Anyone know how to remove crazy glue from a bike lock?

*Congressional candidate Kevin Parker's troubles just keep adding up. First he was in some serious debt. Then he hit a photographer. And now he's going to court. Can we get a head start fast forwarding to The Situation's congressional run against Vincent Gentile in Bay Ridge?

*Erin "Dunkin'" Durkin of the Daily News drops some big food news from Coney Island. Is Shake Shack coming to the boardwalk? Sounds like a good possibility.

*Erin Durkin also picked up a rendering of a possible Apple store in downtown Brooklyn. Marty Markowitz is understandably excited.

*Jelly blabs to NPR about the cost of free concerts in a long interview. Is this an early premonition of their plans next year? Here's Sarah Hooper's quote:

"It's no longer the series we envisioned," Hooper says. "Every time we've done an event, we approach it like, 'What can we do to make it better and more fun for the audience?' And when it gets to the level like we're seeing now where we're no longer able to make it fun for the audience in the way we want to, we start rethinking things."

*The Times looks closer at Newtown Creek's Superfund chances, but it seems like this article is treading water.

*The Nets are getting a new name. Hopefully it's not in Russian.

*Juliet Linderman took a Krav Maga self defense class from an ex-Mossad officer and now she knows how to kill you.

*Finally, Vans is opening an indoor skateboard facility on Franklin Street. In its honor, I invented my own move: The Short Wheelie, which is when you fall on the asphalt ass backwards as the skateboard goes flying forward.

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