Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Short Story is back!

After a relaxing hiatus in the wilderness, A Short Story is back and posting (hopefully) regularly from here on out. Quick Connecticut note. Did you know that there's a Republican candidate from Windham County running for probate judge and his name is... Chuck Norris? Route 32 is blanketed in Chuck Norris for Probate signs. Guess how many I stole?

Chuck Norris of Norwich, CT demonstrates his unique brand of windshield justice.

A set of political links is coming later today, but, first, a new school year beckons. Where better to launch the new academic year than the Harbor School on Governor's Island? I couldn't find a video of the students starting maritime classes on the island, so enjoy this video of a school bus getting hit by a train instead. Happy new year!


Teresa said...

Aaron, I've missed you.

Anonymous said...

The Chuck Norris video was a vital educational tool - in the sure inevitability of bear attacks. (Esp next Tues night)

Thanks for sharing it.

Chuck Norris said...

As the Chuck Norris in Connecticut, please stop taking the signs, and I will promise to give you as many as you want. OR ELSE Chuck Norris will take this matter into his own hands. You can reach me at,or 860-889-8900 without fear of torture for now. As the say Chuck Norris knows ALL

Anonymous said...

Aaron, if you have not already seen the news check the articles on "chuck norris probate judge" your blog is cited all over, AP, Hartford. Boston. Etc