Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday's Massive political links

In the days before the primary, everyone and their brother is leaving giant dumps of badly written political analysis on blogs, websites, news articles, twitter feeds, etc. And this site is no exception. But someone has to sort through all that bullsh-t. Let's take a look through a busy weekend of political coverage before we screw it and go home.

*The most damning political article this week comes courtesy of the New York Post regarding how the two top Ridgewood Bushwick execs, Christiana Fisher and Angela Battaglia, saw salary increases of 180 percent and 73 percent respectively from last year's tax filings. The nonprofit, Vito's baby, has received over $21 million in earnings, a substantial portion of which is from government grants and subsidies (read: member items). Nearly every nonprofit in the city has an active and aggressive development office writing grants and holding fundraisers. In three years of covering RBSCC, I have not encountered one.

*The District Leader race is getting a lot of media attention from The Daily News (Erin Durkin and Jake Pearson's summary), to Gatemouth's Chris Owens-friendly stream and 52nd coverage at Room8, to Norman Oder's insights on the 57th District Leader in Atlantic Yards Report to the view from the 53rd District in Bushwick at BushwickBK, and the WG News and Arts's lenghty piece tagging along with Lincoln Restler in the 50th District Not to mention a sprawling but informative Q and A with Josh Benson and Azi Paybarah on Capital New York and Tom Robbins' succinct and informative Village Voice piece. You've got a lot of reading to do to catch up. You're welcome.

Okay, you've done all the required reading. Let's get to some highlights:

*The nastiest spat on the trail has occurred between (surprise) Jo Anne Simon and Hope Reichbach. Simon eviscerated Reichbach in a post on Brooklyn Heights Blog that's more about Vito than Hope. Reichbach bit back in another guest post. Also, Alan Fleischman apparently filed a formal complaint against Hope's dad, Judge Gus Reichbach, for participating in her campaign and Simon's husband made an off-hand remark about Hope's physical appearance. Vito also made an off-handed remark about Jo Anne's physical appearance a year ago at his picnic, so, this means they're even, right? Anyway, Hope has a new video out.

Vote for Hope and Steve from BKMedialab on Vimeo.

*I believe it's time that we had a grammar lesson. In Warren Cohn's campaign literature, there's a line that reads: Warren was raised with a commitment to service others. In the Post, Vito is quoted saying Ridgewood Bushwick "does an outstanding job servicing the residents of north Brooklyn." Guys, you don't want to use the word servicing as a verb in the present participle because it means something vastly different than what you think it does.

*Finally, some blanket predictions. I believe that every district leader candidate in Brooklyn younger than 37 will win tomorrow, with two exceptions: Jesse Owens and Esteban Duran. Williamson will take the 52nd without cracking 40 percent and Vito will likely trounce, earning over 70 percent of the vote. And I think Restler and Cohn is heading for a recount, with Restler up by under 100 votes. I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen tomorrow and I'm not basing this on anything, so if Simon holds off Reichbach, Owens or Strauss emerge victorious, or if Restler or Cohn wins big... well...

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